What We Do

We are working to develop innovative addiction recovery and life recovery solutions, guided by the latest research in addiction recovery, trauma recovery, and domestic violence prevention. As we implement these solutions, we are also  following up with the women who have been through our program to track recidivism rates. We hope that this pilot program will encourage and inform similar work in other county jails throughout the state and the country.

Addiction Recovery Classes

Rise Up teaches addiction recovery classes that use principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance commitment therapy, mindfulness, and motivational inverviewing techniques. These classes are 10 weeks long and can be taken alone or in conjuction with one of the 12-step classes offered.

Rise Up coordinates with volunteers and with other organizations in the community to offer Alcholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Celebrate Recovery groups. 

Parenting Classes

Rise Up offers parenting classes, using the Positive Discipline parenting class curriculum. This curriculum helps give parents the skills and tools to help their children “to become responsible, respectful and resourceful members of their communities. Positive Discipline teaches important social and life skills in a manner that is deeply respectful and encouraging for both children and adults.”


Rise Up offers weekly yoga classes. These classes are very popular, with about 40 women participating in the classes each week. 

Why yoga? 

Incarcerated women have a high incidence of trauma in their background (see The Need and Our Impact). Studies have shown that weekly yoga classes can significantly reduce post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms in women, and can even be more effective than medication. 

Chaplaincy Services

Rise Up coordinates the chaplaincy services for the women at the Maury County Jail, including:

Faith Services – Women have access to a number of church services and Bible studies each week.*

Pastoral Care – We provide pastoral care and spiritual guidance, assist with spiritual issues or requests, and insure appropriate communications of pertinent spiritual or emotional information (including death notifications, family crises, etc.).

Advocacy – We advocate for the spiritual and human rights of all of our female residents.

*The vast majority of our female residents identify as Christian. For women who identify with other faith traditions, we are committed to connecting them with clergy and resources to meet their spiritual needs.

Exit Plans

We work with women prior to their release from jail to help them plan for success. This includes connecting them with in-patient and out-patient recovery programs and transitional housing.  We also work closely with representatives from the South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance to connect women with resources available through their programs.

Other Programs

Rise Up is also responsible for coordinating access to a number of services provided by both Rise Up volunteers and volunteers and paid staff from other organizations. Current offerings include HiSET (high school equivalency exam) classes and testing, computer classes, work release programs, faith-based studies, and sexual abuse recovery classes. 

Your support is a crucial part of the work that we do.