On November 5, 2017,  friends from Rise Up’s parent organization, Timothy’s Gift, visited and we had an absolutely beautiful Sunday service together.

These ladies worked very hard in our Positive Discipline parenting classes, faithfully attending and participating in classes and completing all of the homework (which some of them thought was a lot, but they still did it). On October 25th, they received their certificates for completing the class and we loved celebrating this achievement with them!

On June 23, we got to have a little celebration for one of our residents who got her high school equivalency diploma. We are so proud of her and excited for the opportunities this will open up for her.

On June 19, we had a very special speaker at the jail: Trina Frierson shared her story of going from being a drug peddler and addict, going in and out of jail and prison (she is a 17 time felon), and losing her parental rights to getting out of prison, getting clean and sober, starting her own business, gaining back custody of her children, and founding Mending Hearts–a recovery community for women in Nashville. Many women were very inspired by Trina’s example and the wisdom she shared. Trina has also written a book, The Exit Plan, and our friend Bill Pratt (pictured here with Trina and our director, Krissy Nimblett) bought and donated copies of the book for all of the women at our jail.

In April, Andre Norman spent a couple of days at the jail speaking to our residents. Andre spent 14 years in prison and has, in the 12 years since he was released from prison, turned his life completely around. He is an entertaining and moving speaker. He was so honest and real, touching our hearts and inspiring us all. 

We have many more exciting things happening at the jail every week. Visit our Facebook page for more news and pictures.